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        Congratulations to Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd listed on A-Shares.

        Time 2016-08-01 | View 87

        Create new materials and experience a new life

                                                     ——Congratulations to Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. listed on A-Shares successfully

        With sound of the gong, Sanxiang Advanced materials Co., Ltd. Was officially listed on the stock market in Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock name: Sanxiang advanced materials, stock code: 603663. We believe Sanxiang will take it as an opportunity, further consolidate and play their own advantages, to push the company's development on a new height.

        Wonderful moment



        Sanxiang advanced materials Co.,Ltd. was founded in March 2012, it once called “Fujian Sanxiang industrial advanced materials Co.,Ltd.” which was established in 1991,it is a high-tech enterprise. “Sanxiang” trademark has been identified by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as a well-known brand.

        Our company has been in pursuit of environmental protection since its establishment over 20 years and conducting legal and honest operations and focusing on research, development, production and sales of new industrial materials. Its main products cover three major series of fused zirconium, cast modified materials and single crystal fused aluminum, and extend to over 100 kinds of products. They are widely applied in field of high-end refractory and abrasive materials, ceramic and glaze materials, nuclear-grade zirconium materials, advanced ceramic materials, cast and abrasive materials and tools etc. the business scope has been spreading to over 30 countries and regions.

        Our company make “create new materials and experience a new life” as mission, focus on the industry development and customers demand to research and innovate continuously, promote the new application of fused zirconium,, cast modified materials and single crystal fused aluminum, continuous efforts to realize the vision of “in pursuit of excellence for building a long-lasting enterprise”.